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VinMak is dedicated to helping our borrowers preserve homeownership and prevent foreclosure. We offer loan modifications and flexible repayment plans designed to help keep you on your feet and paying. Our homeowner’s section is filled with free resources homeowners can take advantage of to make sure you are up to date with programs from mortgage payment assistance and hardest hit areas to home valuation tools like Zillow.


VinMak rents properties across the United States, due to this long-distance relationship with many tenants it is critical we create an easy-to-use system for all of our renters needs. In the renters section current tenants can pay rent, fill out a property repair request and file any comments. New renters can fill out a rental application for a property and also find necessary pre-move-in documents including the lease agreement and move-in checklist.


VinMak works with most of our property-rehab vendors from afar, making for an unusual long-distance relationship with the contractors we outsource to. When working with us, seamless workflow, accurate budgeting and up-to-par production must be possible without constant face to face contact. The vendors section consists of how to bid on a project, the VinMak Contractor Guide, example bids and a list of our VinMak Certified Vendors.


VinMak Asset Management Group has properties listed across the nation available to buy and rent. Visit our properties page for detailed information on each property to find the perfect home in your area.

About Us

At VinMak Asset Management, we are responsible for creating and implementing straight-foward solutions that allow homeowners who have experienced a financial hardship the opportunity to retain their home-ownership. This is made possible since VinMak is the investor that owns the mortgage attached to a specific property. By owning the mortgage for our homeowners, we are able to make adjustment decisions based on individual circumstances, not a pre-defined criteria like traditional mortgage collectors and banks. We are dedicated to helping homeowners prevent foreclosure by offering loan modifications and versatile repayment plans that have saved many from the loss of their home.


We at VinMak are dedicated to implementing straight-forward solutions for homeowners experiencing financial distress and inability to keep up with their mortgage payments. Through years of experience we have found the most successful strategies work when you understood the financial situation of a borrower. When borrowers truly understand foreclosure is something both parties dread equally, a transparent relationship can then be created, making a beneficial relationship for both you and the borrower. Because we push for this relationship with borrowers our foreclosure rates are extremely low, making for more long-term investments with higher pay-offs and happier homeowners willing, driven and able to make payments.

VinMak has all the necessary tools and experience needed to manage performing and distressed assets. Here at VinMak, managing assets begins immediately after implementing one of our straight-forward solutions for homeowners. We manage our investments using only the best demographic and geographic data available, including its current market data, ensuring due diligence is as thorough as can be. VinMak boasts a nationwide network of professional and dependable partners, helping us build more personal connections with homeowners and renters. This relationship with borrowers and employees creates a seamless management aspect of our company.

VinMak provides a variety of services to support traditional and defaulted mortgage servicing, as well as managing a large rental portofolio. When retention is no longer an option, we provides a comprehensive agenda of solutions that help limit risk, improve compliance and reduce loss severity on both the borrower and investor end. From relocation assistance to Cash-for-Keys programs VinMak provides familiar solutions that deliver unmatched performance without losing operational control. Levering the industry’s best talent and exclusive technology we outperform industry standards to enable our clients & borrowers to exceed their financial goals.

VinMak is dedicated to cleaning up the disastrous after effects of the collapse of the mortgage market in 2008. The bottom line on investing is return, but many investors lose sight of what we call human return. Human return in this business comes with ethics, morals and a better understanding of borrower’s needs and helping them understand yours. When this relationship is created from the start your bottom-line always increases. Regardless of investment strategy type or duration, VinMak can provide the solutions you need to achieve your investment targets, while feeling good that you are helping a family work out of financial distress, while you make a return on your help. When it comes to due diligence, inspections, property maintenance and repair through final sale, we fill common operational gaps, bring years of expertise to the table and deal with borrowers in a way that will allow you to focus on what you do best–investing.

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Phone: (800) 503-8913


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