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VinMak AMG manages real estate across the country, meaning we work from a distance during a large part of the property rehab process. This makes it imperative that work-flow, budget, and production needs stay on par, without constant face to face communication. The vendors we trust from the past enjoy a long-lasting, mutual relationship with us as VinMak Certified vendors.

How to Make a Bid

Bids must be submitted in a format that breaks down:


Cost of Labor per repair/installation

Materials (if not supplied by VinMak)

Repairs specifically detailed by room or area of house

Your bid will be Reviewed and Accepted or Rejected within 72 hours

VinMak has a “Standard Materials List” and generally supplies most standard materials (i.e. paint, fixtures, vanities, flooring). We do not expect our Contractor Partners to carry the cost of supplies. We pay all jobs on the following terms:

Deposit upon bid acceptance – $1000.00 or 10% of job, whichever is less

Balance Paid via Milestones – Generally weekly based on completed work

All work is performed under a simple contract to protect both parties (we provide these forms if needed)

A VinMak Field Agent is assigned to each rehab project and will be monitoring its progress on a weekly basis. They are your direct contact should unexpected issues arise and have the ability to make executive decisions to keep jobs moving along.

Good Bids

Bad Bids

VinMak Certified Vendors