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Here current tenants can pay rent, fill out a property repair request and file any reports. New renters can fill out a rental application for a property and also find necessary pre-move-in documents including the lease agreement and move-in checklist.

Pay Rent

Rent by Check

Please fill out checks in the following manner:

Pay to the order of: VinMak Asset Management Group

Memo: Please include your address and reason for payment (rent)

Dollar Amt: Please pay rent in full on deadline it is due, VinMak will not except partial payments unless otherwise specified by us. Partial payments will result in the returning of the check and underlined late fees for past due payment.

Rent by Money Order

Money orders can be purchased from many different locations, including post office locations, banks, local businesses like grocery stores, Western Union branches, and MoneyGram branches.

Please fill out your money order in full including the same areas outlined in paying your rent by check.

Rent by PayPal

When making payments through PayPal please fill out all content areas. Payments are required in full and partial payments will not be excepted. If a partial payment is made a return fee will be charged and all late fees will be applied when remaining balance is paid.

New Renters

If you have found a VinMak property you are interested in leasing please download our Application for Rent to the left. Please fill out all necessary fields and state the address of the property you are seeking. Applications can be submitted to us by email at or mailed to our headquarters.

Once the application process is complete and accepted please be sure to read and understand all terms of the lease agreement. A hard copy can be downloaded to the left, once completed you can sign and either mail the agreement to our headquarters or photocopy and email to

Once the above steps are completed and you are approved to move in as a tenant, we ask that you fill out our move-in condition report stating any damages to the property or malfuctions before moving in. If this checklist is not completed prior to moving in you may be subject to charge on damages not caused by you, for there is no way to ensure liability.